What’s Molecular Biology

Whenever we go through the NASA space foam components, we could see the ability to use only 3.5 to 6% of the substance with the remainder comprised of gasoline or air molecules. Envision having these foams where in actuality the mesh components were engineered at the molecular stage applying carbon and different elements. Envision composites manufactured from the exact same, envision all the possibilities for the next technology of product technology – I envision this each and every day, and it’s time to move this ball down the area for the betterment of research and the continuing future of humanity. Please think over all of this and think on it.

It could be possible to prevent mining incidents as time goes by by utilizing molecular laser change systems straight after going the tunnels. How would this work? And what otherwise could it be employed for? Properly, I believe my principle may be used for lunar colonies, Martian colonies, mining, canal developing, undercover building and key drilling.
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How it would work is easy after a canal or largess cylinder gap was drilled a particular laser could be applied to realign the molecules Chemistry: The Molecular Science 5e¬†severe heat of the soil walls encompassing the hole. This will make a stronger wall that would not fall very easy. And it would blend together the molecules of soil to be as powerful as steel using molecular science. The molecules will be realigned a specific way by the laser gentle to strengthen the bond between them. We’re able to build skyscrapers lower and they would be much better because a terrorist could not crash plane into it.

But there are many good employs because of this as an example a lunar colony wouldn’t have to manage solar flames or place radiation, since it could be secured by the dust bordering the colony and this could suggest the surfaces of the colony could be thinner and meaning less product has to be brought to the moon.

Also we frequently hear about cave-ins during creating of infrastructure projects or tunnels and this could no more occur because the wall of the tunnel would be a strong is steel. Laser molecular modification systems are actually here and all we have to do is put them onto a portable platform and start using them in that application. Please think over all this in 2006.