What Are The Benefits Of General Aircon Servicing

Planning a general repair for your air conditioner? It is common to install air conditioners in homes and offices in hot and humid weather in Singapore. Because of the humidity of the air, it is usually not enough to use the fan alone, because the fan only circulates the moist air, which will not give you the coolness and refreshing comfort you need. In addition, it is not possible to install a fan only in the office, especially if the office does not have windows or high-rise offices and the windows must be intact. Without the cold air of the air conditioner, workers can’t concentrate on their work; it is almost impossible to sleep well at home, especially in the hottest months, such as February and August. In addition to homes and offices, you can enjoy comfortable air conditioning in the shopping centre’s retail therapy or in the restaurant/food court.Image result for Aircon Service

Since air conditioning is critical to your comfort and well-being in this tropical country, you need to know how to maintain your air conditioning so that your daily activities and personal lives are not disturbed. Is the outside of the air conditioning unit clean enough? How about the compressor? How should they be maintained? You can find the answer by search “ Best Singapore Aircon Servicing Company“ in google.

To solve this problem, you need to provide services for the air conditioning unit; this is similar to sending your car to repair after reaching a certain mileage or a period of time. In this case, for the maintenance of the air conditioning unit, when the air conditioning unit is still working, you can ask the air conditioning service company to clean your air conditioning unit. There may be minor problems, but not only if they are completely damaged!

General air conditioning repairs include vacuuming and cleaning of the filters and coils of each air conditioning unit by workers and components, if applicable. They will also clean the compressor – generally clean or more thorough cleaning, depending on the amount of dirt accumulated. After cleaning, they will also test whether the cooling and control of all units are working well.

Why do you need to service air conditioning units? Just as you want your car to be an efficient, reliable and road-friendly vehicle, you want your air conditioner to be at its best and provide you with fresh, clean air in an efficient manner. When you want and need it. If the air conditioner is not repaired, it will become dusty and will not work properly. Therefore, do not circulate clean filtered air, but breathe dirty air, which is harmful to your health, especially for people who are susceptible to sinusitis, asthma attacks or eczema.

After a long period of use, you may also hear noise from the air conditioning unit for reasons that are not obvious, thus disrupting your beauty sleep. In addition, dust means that the air conditioning unit will not operate in an efficient manner, so the energy required will be higher, or you need to adjust the air conditioning temperature to a temperature lower than the normal temperature to achieve the same comfort before the new air conditioning I enjoyed it very much and inadvertently led to more electricity bills.

How often should you provide a repair service for your air conditioner? For heavy use, it is recommended to perform maintenance once a quarter, that is, every three months. For less regular use, half-year service can be considered, but the age of the air conditioning unit must be considered when considering reducing the frequency of maintenance.

To ensure that clean, fresh air is consistently delivered at the right temperature, it is important to maintain your air conditioning equipment regularly to get the cool and quiet comfort you can’t live without. In addition, regular calls to air-conditioning service personnel means that maintenance personnel will be locked in the bay, your air conditioning will last longer, and the operation is as good as the new one – absolutely more than 10 years!