Welding Safety Goggles: Keep Your Eyes Safe

Welders already know that their job is hazardous. Stray sparks can cause fires on anything flammable that is nearby – even welders if they are unlucky enough to be in the way and wearing something that will catch on fire. Welders know that the light that is emitted during the welding process can burn their skin and cause them to get sunburn. They know that the machines are sometimes very loud and can damage their hearing. Welders know that gases that are emitted and used during the welding process can be deadly and will build up in their bodies over time, possibly making them very sick. But still, some welders forget that they need to wear safety goggles at all times, even when it is inconvenient or faster to just do the weld than to get the goggles.

Arc-welding torches produce high temperatures, and this also produces light that is very high intensity. The light has both infrared and ultraviolet radiations. If you view the light without protection, you can get a condition called arc eye. This is where the light burns the cornea of your eye and it feels like someone is poking you in the eye with sharp pins. The light can also cause a welder to suffer from temporary or even permanent blindness. This is why safety goggles are so important for welders.

Welding goggles have dark, colored lenses and protect the eyes from ultraviolet and infrared radiations that are produced during the welding process. Safety goggles will also protect a welder’s eyes from any stray sparks or flying metal particles while they are working. Goggles used by welders should have impact resistant lenses and be scratch resistant. Another good idea is to get anti-fog lenses. These kinds of lenses will help you have a clear view of your work because they will not fog up while you are in the middle of work; this can help keep you safer and your work cleaner.

There are many varieties of welding goggles iş gözlüğü . Some manufacturers offer goggles that can be worn all day and are actually stylish. Such goggles are available in many shades, sizes, and colors. Shade 5 goggles, for example, are known as Green Gas Welding Goggles. These economical goggles provide protection but can also be customized. Welders can choose goggles that have flexible frames or ones that have rigid frames. Some prefer goggles that have a one piece rectangular shield and others prefer goggles that are styled the same as regular glasses but have two eyepieces that are separate.

Gold Gas Welding Goggles are another example of safety goggles. These offer enhanced protection from both IR and UV rays, are reflective, and have a shade of visibility of 5 or 6. They come up to shade 12 and you choose what you need in safety goggles based upon the magnitude of the welding you are going to be doing. Many goggles have elastic straps that are adjustable for the proper fit and lenses that flip up.