Toilet Macerator Pump

Have you ever experienced wanting to dump one big ‘stuff’ to your toilet after eating so much food at a party? You hurry to the toilet room and find out that your toilet is clogged or back flowing. You find for the most accessible tool you have in the bathroom to unclog the annoying toilet and it still doesn’t work.

You suddenly lose the ‘appetite’ to dump your stuff in it because you cannot afford to clean your stuffs out of the toilet. It is going to be a dirty and nasty job. You might as well dump outside your house and bury your stuff in the ground than clean those dirty overflowing sedot wc stuff in your bathroom.

If you experience the awful clogged truth with your toilet, then this must mean that your toilet does not have macerator pump. Now what is a macerator pump? It is a medium-sized device with blades used for grinding or breaking waste into smaller pieces that goes through it to allow easy flow. It allows the waste to flow easier because it makes the waste watery-like during the grinding process. The main purpose of them is to avoid your toilets from getting clogged.

The macerator pumps are usually the main device used for toilets in RVs and marine boats. They use macerator pumps to easily dispose the waste from the toilet inside the RVs and marine boats and expel it into designated disposal places. The macerator in RVs and marine boats are electrically powered and easy to use for the waste elimination system.

For marine boards, macerator pumps are connected to a hose tube which is, on the other side, connected to an overboard tank they have in the boats. Marine boats are not allowed to dispose their waste to the ocean because that would be illegal. They should keep their waste into an overboard tank and wait for ducking into one place where they can properly dump their waste.

For RVs, on the other hand, have a holding tank on it to keep the waste pumped from the toilet. The RVs holding tank cannot be disposed anywhere when you are on the road because there are few places which have strict regulations on proper waste elimination system. So it is important to get to know the proper place intended for dumping your waste from your RV toilet.

Dumping or eliminating the waste from the macerator pump is easily done by connecting a standard-sized hose tube into the opening found in the macerator pump. After connecting the hose tube properly and tightly, you can now turn the three inches valve to dispose the waste from the macerator pump.

This may take quite long before the whole holding tank is emptied but you have to make sure that the holding tank is empty before plugging out the hose tube to avoid leakage of waste material. You also have to remember that the macerator pumps should not dry or they will not function properly.

So if you have a macerator pump installed in your RVS and marine boats but you don’t have one installed in your toilets in your bathroom, then you should buy and install one before facing the disgusting truth that your toilet might face you. They may be a bit expensive but at least you save yourself from shame and filthy stuffs.