The Timeless Grace Of A Name Necklace

The contemporary, tech-savvy world offers a host of elegant, playful and customized options in terms of nameplate necklaces. Such necklaces can be crafted out of various metals including Sterling Silver, 14 k Yellow Gold and White Gold. You can also opt for ‘Gold plated’ necklaces. The choice will largely depend on your personal preference and budget. Here’s a peek into some other choices available in name based necklace designs:

You could actually go crazy shopping for one that matches your personality and makes a statement anywhere, anytime. If you happen to be the ‘mushy’ types and wish to carry some special names around your neck, you can have your necklace tailor-made with names of your ‘special’ people engraved on it. For instance, your nameplate necklace can have your partner’s name joined with yours in a stunning heart-shape pendant. Similarly, to express your love for your mother you can have your name overlapping hers. The options are endless and creativity never goes out of service.

Name bearing necklaces marry the inherent human need of acknowledgement and uniqueness to modern fashion. Your individuality is highlighted and your self-confidence gets a boost of sorts. What’s more, you can always pass on the legacy of a necklace that defines you and redefines your life.With a name necklace on you, you add a touch of mystery to yourself. You cannot help but be noticed in a crowd. You tend to attract people who would want to know you better. As you wear your name around your neck, you wear an entire attitude too. Get set to enjoy your signature style like never before.

Hollywood stars and singers like Madonna, J.Lo, MC Hammer, and many more have made it more fashionable to wear name necklaces. While some think of it simply as a fashion statement, name necklaces also have its own unique history. A silver name necklace or one in gold have been around for a couple of decades and became increasingly popular especially in the 1980s due to the rise of urban and hip hop styles. However, taking a further look back in history, it was recorded the newly freed slaves changed their name. There was a need for African-Americans to change their name. In retrospect it spoke of a new beginning, a new identity. During those times, it was important to come up with a unique name to establish an identity.

The trend amongst the African-American community was eventually absorbed by others in the community. On the total opposite side we can see that Sex in the City’s Carrie made it more increasingly popular and even called it “ghetto gold.” Even if it is worn by different members and backgrounds of the community, there is the stereotype and recognition that the style emerged from the African-American, Urban, Hip-hop community. The style is continuing to change as many wearers are also making personalized name necklace with adjectives.

Prices for personalized jewelry or a necklace with name come in different ranges. Some have already been made and can be found in malls like a children name necklace. However, it is possible to design one’s own to make it especially customized which gives the giver the avenue to display their take on the wearer. Things to consider is the size, color, chain length, and even how many diamonds one would like to put on it. Icons such as teddy bears and dolls can also be put on the necklace. Children name necklace can also be designed. This makes a very beautiful gift which could be an heirloom passed in the future.