Strefit Product Review of the Nautilus Bowflex 552 SelectTech Adjustable Dumbbell

The Nautilus Bowflex SelectTech adjustable dumbbells are possibly the top “dial dumbbells” right now. The normal set comes using a base model for you to hold the weight china as well as “core” of the particular variable dumbbell, but generally there is a separate dumbbell rack available. These easy change dumbbells from Bowflex come with a only two year warranty on areas, 5 many years weight dishes and one year warranty for labor.


Just afraid of 18 inches inside length, these dumb bells are usually pretty long. In Strefit to this PowerBlocks or Ironmaster, typically the length of the hand weights is still the same in spite of the weight you ultimately choose. This can be cumbersome and might take some time out find used to since typically the dumbbell is very long, even at a few pounds.

This weight on the Bowflex dumbbells can adjust coming from 5lbs to fifty two. 5lbs. Because of the highest possible weight associated with only fifty-two. 5 pounds, you may possibly be better off with the PowerBlock Elite Established or the Ironmaster variable dumbbell set considering developing huge muscles and achieving super strong (the maximal pounds on those dumb bells is normally about 120-130lbs).

How functions

Basically, you turn a new dial on the SelectTech Hand weights to the bodyweight that you want until you find out a clicking noise, and you’re set. When the weight plates are based in, simply lift typically the dumbbells from the platform plus you’re good in order to go. You’ll need to help switch the knob with both ends of typically the dumbbell to alter the weight, however.

For instance, in the event you wanted to us thirty lbs . for each clod, what you do is usually adjust the knobs to each dumbbell so that “30 lbs” is selected. Found in total, you will need to adjust the knobs 4x. The pounds change process can be quite quick (only a few seconds), so it’s not that will wearisome.

There are 12-15 weight options for this dumbbell, ranging from 5-52. 5lbs.

The “Off Specific Weight Selection”

Now here is where you’ll need for you to do some math concepts.

But just before we get in that, tradition dumbbells can be shaped. Meaning, the bodyweight will be balanced with similar excess weight on both edges of the dumbbell.

With the Bowflex adjustable weight, you can set a single section of the dumbbell heavier compared to the other.

Now back to the Bowflex dumbbells, let’s say anyone wanted to use 25lbs together with one side heavy as opposed to other. Just adapt the particular knob to thirty pounds on one aspect of the dumbbell, in addition to on the additional aspect to 20 lbs ..

The particular total fat is twenty-five lbs, BUT , one 50 percent of the clod is definitely 15 lbs, and often the partner is 10 kilos.

But observe that after you aren’t done your own set, you will still have to return this adjustable dumbbell back to help the base in the equivalent position that you just removed it (the body weight plates possess to settle back in slot machines of the base).

Typically the offset weight option can be good or bad regarding you, depending on the way you view it. Personally, My spouse and i like symmetrical weight about both comes to an end of this dumbbell, but you will find merits to unsymmetrical dumbbells. If you’re doing exercises such as a dumbbell curl having a dumbbell a person end heavier than the different, you’ll work your bicep in a diverse far compared to symmetrical dumbbells.

Likely to get assortment with this adjustable Bowflex dumb bells that will tradition dumbbells cannot provide.


Although the Bowflex adjustable dumbbell is really good, there are a few down points like well. Here’s a summary of the Pros and Cons of the dumbbells:


a Easy and quick to change to help your desired excess weight

to Unrestrictive dumbbell handle-allows a person to perform all the particular training you can can with regular dumbbells

um You can add a new new dimensions to your exercise sessions with the cancel out weight selection feature

a Does not take upwards much room (replaces 25 dumbbells)

u VERY advanced looking clod weight pieces


a A minor high priced for these dumbbells

o For all a person weight lifters and serious pounds lifters, the maximum fat of 42 tommers skærm. 5 lbs . for each dope will be possibly considered some sort of warm-up weight for you.

u You can’t upgrade often the weight from the dumbbells

Total, these hand weights are excellent if you’re not a good bodybuilder or a critical fat lifter, but when you want free weights in addition to if you don’t imagination the retail price, the Nautilus Bowflex 552 SelectTech dumbbells happen to be a good purchase. In case you know that fifty-two. certain pounds is way too much that you should handle, in that case the Bowflex SelectTech 230 model (which modifies upwards to 20lbs at installment payments on your 5 lb increments) may well be more suitable regarding your needs.

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