How To Use Hashtags to Increase Likes on Facebook

Facebook has recently implanted the use of hashtags into its social networking service. Similar to Twitter and other social networks, the hashtags can be used on individual posts. Hashtags tend to be a word or phrase associated with that particular post. For example, if one were to post about what they had for dinner, the hashtag of “#delicious” might be used to bring further attention to the post. Previously, hashtags were not a functioning hashtag of Facebook but they were popular among users anyway. Users still used hashtags on their posts despite the fact that they did not link to anything or add anything to the post. Now, due to popular demand, these hashtags are a fully functioning part of Facebook. Users can tag words, names, and business among other things. This is the newest form of data collection the social networking site. You can even use them to increase the amount of likes you get on a post.

Facebook hashtags are quite important from an advertising and marketing prospective. They can not only be used for getting more likes on Facebook, but they can be used to give your business and its Facebook page much more exposure. This creates a new method for using social media and targeting by targeting the people who like or frequently use a particular hashtag. In marketing, social media usage is quite crucial, so this new addition to Facebook gives it a much wider use. Facebook hashtags can be used to reach users outside of your connections or extended network. As users begin to use more hashtags, trends will no doubt develop and marketers can utilize these hashtags to be included in these big conversations. On another social media network, Twitter, hashtags are frequently used and allow users to be part of a larger conversations. Those who make memorable or noticeable Tweets in these conversations increase their visibility greatly. While it has yet to be seen whether not hashtags will have that huge effect on Facebook, the opportunity is definitely there.

The only way to take advantage of this new opportunity is to take advantage of it. If you are the administrator of a page, you should begin using these Facebook hashtags as often as possible. Ideally, every post you make should include some sort or hashtag. Pay attention to the trends of hashtags. Look at other user’s posts and see what hashtags they are using. Your posts will have a much increased visibility with the use of hashtags, so make sure you keep up with the recent trends and jump on them as soon as possible. You can even create your own hashtag and encourage users to use the hashtag in their own posts to get it trending. Remember that too much of a good thing is bad. Don’t load your posts with too many hashtags just for attention. That can be considered spam, and the use of excessive hashtags to the point of spamming will most likely be banned by Facebook in the future.