How to Source Tempered Glass Screen Protector Successfully from Alibaba is the goldmine of suppliers. You can dig around and will get all types of suppliers including those who are tempered glass screen protector factory. The problem of Alibaba is, it is huge, and if you do not know the ways then you are actually trying to find the needle in a haystack. So, finding supplier can be a problem unless you know the ways. Here, Alibaba itself comes to your rescue as it has a feature where instead of you, it’s the supplier (or suppliers) who can quickly find you and offer their products to you. This option sounds amazing is not it? You just have to submit an RFQ (Request for Quotation). On the platform of Alibaba, RFQ is a free service which allows you to attract a good amount of suppliers who can respond to your quotation request.

In this article, we will show you how you can source tempered glass screen protector from Alibaba.

Sourcing from Alibaba.

As we have said in the introduction, you have to submit your request for quotation on Alibaba. You also need to mention what kind of tempered glass screen protector you are looking for as it is always better to specify the specs. You may look for shatter-proof quality, smooth touch sensitivity, good adhesive quality, particular thickness of the glass and so on. You also need to mention quantity, shipping and payment terms. Try to provide as much details as possible as it will help suppliers to give a proper quotation to you.

You will get lot of quotations from hoards of suppliers and you need to be really patient to get the right supplier for you. Just remember one thing your RFQ will be reviewed and checked by experts of Alibaba and once they approve it you are good to go. Once it is approved, your RFQ will be visible to all the Gold suppliers and specially those who are supplying tempered glass screen protector.

Get yourself organized once you receive all the responses and quotations from suppliers. You need to figure out how many of them are matching your needs and how many of them are not even close to your requirements. Once you get your list ready it is time to contact each of them for further screening. In order to check the quality of the product and capability of the supplier you must ask them to send samples. You may have to pay for the samples as it takes time and effort to create the samples. Asking for samples is a good way to avoid future problems and hazards related to product and overall shipping time.

Last stage of sourcing from Alibaba is to place the order once you are satisfied with the supplier you have picked among many who cleared all your benchmarks.

Appointing an Agent
There is another way with the help of which you can not only select the supplier but also source tempered glass screen protector at Alibaba is to avail services of China Buying Agent.  These agents are experienced enough to get your deal done after negotiating with the supplier and you don’t need to carry any headache regarding selection, product quality or the delivery.

We hope this article helps you with valuable information on sourcing tempered glass screen protector from