Does Post Secondary Education in Canada Automatically Mean You Will Be Accepted For Immigration?

There are no guarantees when it comes to immigration acceptance. However, having attended a post-secondary institution in Canada does give you a better chance. One reason for this is that it proves you are learning a skilled profession. Second reason is that it proves you can function in Canadian society. However, there are still regulations you must follow when applying for citizenship.

Canada is accepting 1000 new International PhD students as permanent residents. Applications turned in after Nov. 5, 2011 will be considered for one of the 1000 slots they are holding for skilled students. In order to qualify for one of these positions, international students must have completed at least two years at a post-secondary educational institution. You do not have to Образование в Канаде completed your course, but you do have to be a student in good standing. Basically this means that you need to have good grades.

You can also apply if you have completed your course of study within the last year. Canada claims that by opening up 1000 positions for international students they are showing that they welcome bright, young minds to help with innovation in the future. They are sending out the message that higher education, good work ethics, and the willingness to support Canada after being accepted as an immigrant are all important attributes for successful candidates.

Canada is in the enviable position of accepting only those applications that they feel will add value to their country and economy. This means that they can compare all the applications they receive and pick out the best possible matches for the jobs they have available or that they think will open up in the near future. They are aiming for an educated and productive work force that will help Canada excel in the future. There is nothing wrong with this. The Canadian government is simply looking out for the future of the country and its citizens.

While you may have a better chance of having your immigration application accepted if you are attending or have attended a Canadian post-secondary college or university, there is still no guarantee. You will be competing with applicants from all over the world. Canada is a sought after country for immigration. They do not exclude students who have gotten their degrees in the country of their birth. So if you are considering studying in Canada as the first step to immigration, make sure that your grades are the best you can make them.

If you have time while studying, try working at least part-time in a job related to the field you are studying in. Check with your school counselors to see if there are apprenticeships or job placement opportunities in your field. Real life experience will not only help you to understand what you are studying better, it will also give you an edge once you graduate.