Digital Nude Photography – Top Tips on How it is Done

Nudity is a form art that dates back to the ancient Greeks. Paintings and sculptures were erected to depict the various gods and goddesses of the time to serve as a reminder for all time. Talented sculptors and artists were responsible for these works of art. So how do we create a modern day equivalent on representing nudity in art?

Photography is visual art and photographing nudity has been around since the camera was invented. Nude photography can involve either half or the full body. An appropriate location can set the mood together with a variety of poses. Nowadays, we can take advantage of the benefits that digital photography brings us. But it is not all about the camera. There are 3 contributory attributes that will make a perfect nude photograph and these are the camera, the model and the location.Image result for DIGITAL Nude PHOTOGRAPHY

There is an extensive list of benefits as why digital photography is so superior to film cameras and why all photographers now use Photography . This is no different in nude photography. Many seasoned professionals and keen amateurs choose the single lens reflex digital camera (or SLR). Pictures are previewed before the shutter is pressed via the built in LCD screen. Pictures are also reviewed after the shutter is pressed via the built in LCD screen so the photographer can choose to keep or discard the photo.

Memory sticks are used instead of film – the main difference being is memory sticks are reusable which means once the photos are upload into a computer, the memory stick can be wiped clean and is ready to use again. Images can be transformed by the camera or by software to a vast array of photo effects including black and white or sepia.

This is the person either chosen or volunteered to pose in the shot as nude and must be someone who is completely confidant and comfortable with baring all in front of the camera. This person does not have to be a magazine glamour girl or guy but appropriate to how the photographer wishes to portray his art. Often photographers take portraits of their models before they are nude.The photographer may choose to take pictures in a variety of locations and not only in the studio.