Cotton Tote Bags are Biodegradable and Durable, Which is Good for Environment

We all understand the significance of keeping the environment safe. After the COVID19 outbreak, people are cautious about their health and surroundings. The government had already banned plastic bags in retail outlets and businesses. This has largely impacted the growth of plastic bags on earth.

The promotion of tote bags has helped in minimizing plastic bags. Cotton tote bags are sturdy, durable, manageable, washable, and lightweight. There are other fabrics available as well, but cotton is an old fabric that is considered one of the softest and durable materials.

Custom Earth Promos is an eco-friendly company that specializes in different types of reusable bags. They not only focus on fabrics like cotton, nylon, bamboo, polypropylene, jute, PET, etc. that are recyclable. They started business in 2009 with a mission of removing plastic from the market completely. Now, they also focus on recycled water bottles, jotters, seed papers, lanyards, gloves, wipes, sanitizers, PPE kits, masks, etc. While placing reusable grocery bags bulk orders, you get a good discount with CEP as they remove middlemen from the process.

Things to Know About Cotton Tote Bags

There may be various other fabrics available in the market that can help in the “no plastic” battle. However, cotton is still considered the best material.

  • Any kind of logo, iron-on, heat transfer, and screenprint can be done easily on cotton tote bags.
  • Cotton bags have a smoother and refined texture which makes them the best promotional items, gift bags, stylish purses, and other accessories.
  • You can wash them just like your normal cotton clothes. This means they can be washed with hands and in the washing machine as well.
  • Its strong thread and premium quality enable them to resist wear and tear.
  • The fabric allows air circulation which keeps all frozen food, vegetables, raw meat, and fruits fresh.

Cotton tote bags are affordable and easily available, but because of its affordable price, businesses select cotton tote bags as promotional items.

Reason to Switch to Cotton Tote Bag

  • Cotton bags are washable and reusable compared to any other plastic bags which are used once and then thrown in the garbage. These plastic bags also end up in oceans killing millions of aquatic animals.
  • Plastic bags take 1000 years to decompose, but cotton is a biodegradable natural fiber. (Plastic doesn’t decompose, it tears into smaller pieces and floats in the air).
  • Americans use billions of plastic bags in a year and most of them are used just once. However, cotton tote bag is recyclable which hardly ends up in landfills.
  • Cotton fabric has small pores that allow air to move in and out keeping fruits and vegetables fresh.
  • Cotton bags can also be used for carrying items to school, college, office, picnic, gym, beach, etc. It is a multipurpose bag.
  • Compared to paper and plastic bags, cotton bags are durable. Cotton bag can carry heavier items if it has strong handles and seamless stitches.
  • Pets are attracted to plastic bags and they tear them apart or swallow them. However, with cotton tote bags the risk minimum.

Cotton tote bags are economical and hygienic. One cotton bag can be used approximately 700 times. This is the best way of saving the environment from pollutants.