Basic Guide to Learning AutoCAD

Starting from today, and by God’s grace on a continuous basis, I shall be sending out to you bit by bit my AutoCAD Manual from my archive for my friends out there who love to learn this wonderful and interesting tool for Engineers and Draftsmen for free!

Starting AutoCAD

Starting AutoCAD is very simple. You simply double click on the AutoCAD icon on your desktop, wait for it to load just like any other windows package, OR, click on Start – All programs – Autodesk – AutoCAD 2009 – AutoCAD 2009.

The New Features Workshop welcome screen opens when you first start AutoCAD and leads to several animated demonstrations and Download Autodesk Autocad Full  of the new features included in the latest release of AutoCAD.

Next after the new feature dialogue box appears the AutoCAD user interface.

The Graphics Window.

At the top of the graphics window sit the Ribbon, the Quick Access toolbar to the left, and the InfoCenter and related tools on the right.

The title bar is similar to the title bar in any Windows program. It contains the program name (AutoCAD) and the title of the current drawing with its path, as long as any drawing other than the default Drawingn.dwg is open. Below the title bar is the Ribbon, where you’ll find most of the AutoCAD commands and tools needed to complete any drawing task. Related tasks are found under the different tabs, which are further segmented into panels containing similar tools.

To the far right of the title bar are the InfoCenter, Communications Center, Favorites, and Help buttons. You can enter a question in the field to the left of the InfoCenter button to quickly access information from the Help system through the InfoCenter’s drop-down panel. With the Communications Center, you can determine what type of information, such as software updates, product support, or RSS feeds, Autodesk sends directly to your system. With the Favorites tool,you can define a list of help or informational topics that can be quickly accessed whenever you need them. The Help button is a direct link to the AutoCAD help system.

The blank middle section of the screen is called the drawing area. Notice the movable crosshair cursor. The crosshairs on your cursor might extend completely across the screen. Later in this lesson, I will show you how to modify the length of the crosshairs as well as make a few other changes.