A Look At The ConvertIDor

The ConvertIDor is one of the most comprehensive device for desktop scanning. You can download the full version of the software in a week and find it very easy to use. To scan your hard disk you can simply click on the Scan button, from there you can add and remove files without any fuss. To transfer the results of the scan to a desktop or laptop for further use, you can drag and drop the files you wish to have scanned onto a disk. All the information is stored on your computer so that the first time you run the program after installation, it will scan your entire hard drive and then if you require to edit the data you can simply do so.

There are plenty of reviews of the program on the internet which are very encouraging. There are a couple of disadvantages however that some people may find of use and one of these disadvantages is that there is no help at all included with the program. If you are a complete newbie then this may be a little disappointing. However, if you know what you are doing and have a small amount of knowledge about computers then it is not going to be too difficult to use the convertidor. This can come in very handy if you want to try and learn a bit about computers.

However, in spite of these downsides it is highly recommended that you purchase the program in case you do not want to be hit by any real dangers. It is a great idea if you are thinking of using it as a back up tool to make sure that you are protected from any illegal activities. There are a number of other programs that can perform the task of copying and burning a CD but with some extra features and better performance. The ConvertIDor can do all this and more.