8 steps to having good sex

step 1

for Polly for Polly is meant to get your partner sexually aroused

kissing licking sucking and touching the erogenous zones the lips the breasts and nipples the neck the stomach the vagina

the feet and toes and the buttocks take your time and listen to her needs

Step 2

oral sex locate the clitoris now did your face into her crotch try not to vomit lick suck and kiss the clitoris insert your fingers into the vagina canal with two fingers gently rub the top part of the vagina wall this is called the g-spot

step 3

intercourse she is now ready for intercourse your penis should be in an erect state just relax and think of something nasty always practice safe sex place a condom over your erect penis get into position gently insert your penis into her vagina make sure it isn’t in the anus for the vagina thrusts your penis in and out of her vagina change positions if needed after a few minutes you are ready to ejaculate note after a few minutes she probably has not all gettint

Step 4

ejaculating choose a good spot to ejaculate on to her discuss this with your partner beforehand and make sure she is cool with this quickly pull your penis out and remove your condom grab your penis firmly and Stroke it until you ejaculate

Step 5

cleaning up hand her a warm wet towel so she can clean any DNA on her body step 6 get out of there quickly get your clothes on she will ask you to cuddle make up an excuse pretend it is a crime scene and you have to flee

Step 7

goodbye give her a nice handshake for a job well done you can now exit

Step 8

Afterthought do not call her if she calls you to hang out tell who you are busy but also let her know you are never too busy to make love congratulations she is now your booty call

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