5 things about SIERRA BRAVA you probably didn’t know

  • The most significant difference between the US dove specie and the Argentine dove (Eared Dove Zenaida Auriculata) is that the Eared dove does not migrate. The one US specie of dove which does migrate to Cordoba every year though is called “dove hunter from Texas”. They “fly their way” into Sierra Brava and shoot non-stop for a few days in and around the dove roost located just outside the lodge. Apparently, these latitudes in Norther Cordoba are very favorable for this flock of friends who “fly” in and out these fields in Macha only to stop at night and sleep in their favorite “roost” called “Sierra Brava Lodge”.

Sierra Brava Lodge: celebrating 16 years of legendary dove hunting in Cordoba (Argentina)

  • Another  difference between the doves in the US and the doves in Cordoba is the number of times the Eareddoves reproduce annually. Picture this: in the US, doves typically reproduce once per year, having 1-2 eggs per nest. In Córdoba, they reproduce 4-6 times per year laying 3-5 eggs per nest.

          NOTE: Besides offering best dove hunting in Argentina, Sierra Brava offers a great and well-run Pigeon shooting. (Spot-Winged Pigeon Columba Maculosa).            This specie is available from March to November.

High volume dove shooting
  • Each year, local farmers estimate they lose some 25-30% of their crops because of these voracious doves. Fortunately, they are the first and most interested people in Cordoba to welcome any hunter who willing to “reduce” their numbers. Cordoba has no season and no daily limits. It is common for a hunter to shoot +1000 birds each day. There are records of hunters argentina wing shooting over 5000 birds in one day! Awesome!
  • NOTE: Sierra Brava‘s exclusive Dove Hunting CLUB includes members on the 7000, 9000, 10,000, 12,000 and 14,000 categories respectively. (birds in 1 day). In other words, we can say that Sierra Brava contributes a lot to the health and wellbeing of local farmers. You do not believe the numbers in the Clubs are real, come to Sierra Brava, and you will believe!

Big Party at Sierra Brava Hunting Lodge

  • The lodge dates back to 1874 when it worked as an old Posta (the Argentine equivalent of old US Pony Express). During your stay with us, you will have the opportunity to relax and cool off at our pool, sooth your aches and pains in our sauna and jacuzzi, or spoil yourself with a full body massage. You can also enjoy a glass of whisky, wine or a cold beer in the living room, by the pool, at the fire pit, or in our great outdoor terrace area.

          NOTE: No other dove hunting operation in Cordoba offers such an exceptional experience at such an unbeatable price. Sierra Brava really is the best                  Bang-for-the-Buck dove shooting lodge in the Cordoba.

firepit for shooter after dove shooting day
  • Did you know the world-record on birds shot in one day was broken twice at Sierra Brava? Why is this possible you might wonder…It is possible because the world-famous Macha Dove Roost is the largest and most populated of its kind, anywhere in the world and is located very near Sierra Brava. It provides the most spectacular dove shooting experience in the world.